Decent Profiles

Profiles for use with Decent Espresso Machines

Copy the file to the de1plus/profiles/ folder on your tablet.

These profile come packed with DSx skin and will automatically be installed for you.


  • tcl Damian's LRv2
    This is the profile I currently use. If you use DSx skin, you do not need this file, it will be added to profiles automatically. It will give a very similar result to the Londinium R profile (previous version). With several tweaks to allow for a coarser grind / faster pour, a slightly slow decline to batter maintain flow and a revised fill step.
    File size: 2 KB Downloads: 754
  • tcl Damian's LM Leva
    I wrote this profile to mimic a shot Gabor Laczko recorded on a La Marzocco Leva machine using his Smart Espresso Profiler. I feel this is a great profile for non milk drinks, it highlights flavours in a smooth balanced way, with a more creamy body than the thicker chocolatey body of the LRv2 profile.
    File size: 2 KB Downloads: 161
  • tcl Damian's Slayer
    A slow pre infusion style aiming to simulate a Slayer machine.
    File size: 2 KB Downloads: 138