DSx plugins

These files are plugin files that add extra function to the Decent Espresso app.

To install, copy them to the /skins/DSx/DSx_plugins/ folder


  • dsx EY_calculator
    A simple extraction yield calculator, now with TDS and Brix (version 3, fixes tds to brix conversion error)
    File size: 6 KB Downloads: 24
  • dsx DSx_plugin_UI
    (requires DSx version 4.03 or newer). A user interface to enable and disable plugins. Version 2 - added ability to use backend pages without waking the machine
    File size: 10 KB Downloads: 63
  • dsx Pizza_dough
    Pizza_dough is a simple pizza dough calculator I use for Neapolitan style pizza
    File size: 5 KB Downloads: 36
  • dsx Barneys_scrollbar
    This will change the current scrollbar code to a better dynamic scollbar written by Barney.
    File size: 875 B Downloads: 58
  • off demo
    demo is a sample plugin file with comments on how to make a file DSx plugin file
    File size: 1 KB Downloads: 25