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  • zip Skale Stand Small
    Small adaptor for Skale
    File size: 1 MB Downloads: 973
  • zip Skale_Adaptor_v3_and_Caddy_v2
    This kit has rounded edge on the tray and arched stand It also has seperate feet, two sets for either 7mm to 8mm x 1.5 or 1.8mm thick O rings The joining parts were adjusted to suit PLA prints, gluing is required
    File size: 184 KB Downloads: 1901
  • zip DE1_Tablet_Stand_Low_mount.stl
    This version sits lower and more forward than the high mount version
    File size: 24 KB Downloads: 807
  • zip DE1_Tablet_Stand_High_mount.stl
    This version sits higher than the low mount version
    File size: 23 KB Downloads: 776